Hyundai and Sony announce a new partnership for innovative optical design technology

Hyundai and Sony announce a new partnership for innovative optical design technology

Hyundai Motor Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment International Film Production announced that they have entered into a marketing partnership in the filmmaking industry, the first of its kind, to put the latest designs and technologies presented by the Korean auto giant within the films that Sony Pictures will produce next year, and Hyundai Motor on its part provides marketing support Great for Sony to produce a diverse and innovative portfolio of visual and cinematic content to provide an unprecedented example of collaboration between content makers and technology makers in the world.

The new partnership will combine the Sony Pictures IP experience with Hyundai Motor technologies and designs, through distinct cinematic production that builds on Sony’s long history and success in producing meaningful and meaningful films, and reveals Hyundai’s cutting-edge technology that charts the future of mobility and vehicle production. It puts human comfort and well-being as its primary focus.

The partnership will provide more opportunities to benefit from Sony Pictures’ long experience in production, marketing and entertainment, and collaborate with Hyundai in developing infrastructure and more innovative concepts for Sony’s film production, in addition to working together on VR programs and electronic games, and designing more events and ideas that It will bring a lot of creativity to the audience and viewers.

In the Arab world, audiences and followers of Hyundai Motor will see the new vehicles’ technologies and technologies in five Sony Pictures films that include Uncharted (July 2021); And upcoming parts of Spider-Man ™: Far From Home (November 2021); Another sequel to the Spider-Man series: Into the Spider-Verse (October 2022); And more films to be announced later.

On the partnership, Wenhong Xu, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai, said: “This strategic partnership with Sony Pictures will allow customers to understand and understand our future vision of human-centered mobility, through the display of innovative vehicles and technologies provided by Hyundai. The change that is occurring in the future of mobility, and we will strive to offer different ways to inspire our customers and movie lovers around the world about our interaction and our determination to shape the future of a better life. ”

“This deal embodies the true definition of the word partnership, as it includes various levels of cooperation between the two sides and also includes marketing support, but the most important value of the partnership remains what Together, we will develop groundbreaking content for viewers and develop a new vision that raises the challenge. ”

Hyundai has revealed at CES 2020 its innovative vision of urban mobility to help revitalize future cities in which the human being is centered. This visualization includes a three-dimensional approach based on:

A) Urban Air Mobility (UAM), a new form of transportation that uses airspace to significantly reduce transit time

B) Independent multi-purpose compact vehicles (PBV) adopts environmentally friendly urban mobility, which allows customization for diverse lifestyles

C) Hub or center which is a space for mobility and community activities.

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