Chinese giant Chery challenges Hyundai with a new vehicle

Chinese giant Chery challenges Hyundai with a new vehicle

The Chinese company Chery recently announced a distinctive and inexpensive crossover vehicle, expected to become the most important competitor to Hyundai’s Creta.

Chery indicated that its new Tiggo 5x is a modified version of the Tiggo 4 that has achieved significant sales in China and a number of countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

This vehicle comes with noticeable modifications in appearance compared to the current Tiggo 4 cars, as it changed the shape of the front and rear interfaces, the shape of the lamps, and the design of the shock absorbers, while the chassis came 4 meters and 35 centimeters in length, as well as changed the appearance of wheel discs that have become more modern and made of chrome Stainless steel.

The changes also affected the cabin of the car, as it got new seats for 5 people, and changed the design of the driving interface, as it was provided with a new touch screen measuring 10.25 inches, and the shape of the plate on which the transmission and speed control buttons were changed became more distinct thanks to its design that collects the glass With shiny chrome.

This car will be offered with two types of engines, economic engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 116 horsepower, and turbine engines with a torque of 156 horsepower, and the prices will be very competitive ranging between 8600 and 12800 dollars.


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